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Legalize Dyslexia: Grant Accommodations to Dyslexic Students

WE, the undersigned urge Legislative Action to “Legalize Dyslexia.”

We’re asking that Congress require that testing agencies grant accommodations for dyslexic students so that high stakes tests assess ability and not disability, and students are allowed to go forward and succeed in life. High stakes tests must be reliable, valid and accessible to dyslexic children and adults. Without accommodations, highly capable, intelligent students are being denied the opportunity to show what they can achieve and contribute to society.

We support a much-needed Bill of Rights for Dyslexic Children and Adults, that affirms the following:

  • Accommodations required so that high stakes tests assess ability and not disability
  • High stakes tests must be reliable, valid and accessible to dyslexic children and adults
  • Dyslexia is real: schools must accept the diagnosis of dyslexia
  • Dyslexia is a Clinical Diagnosis
  • Diagnosis/Identification reflects that it is an unexpected difficulty
  • Instruction is evidence-based (proven to be effective)
  • Dyslexia is persistent, no need to retest after high school
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12 thoughts on “Take Action

  1. Please please let me know how I can help. I am in Tupelo Mississippi.
    My son we believe is Dyslexic and we are fighting the school system and it just seems like everybody.
    They see it as a disability and are uneducated on this so severely. My son is in Kindergarten and is 6.

    • dyslexia is a gift and tell him that because it will seem to him like its not. dyslexia is a learning disability but that dose not mean you are not smart, your gifted. People tend to think “gifted”thats not a good thing ,but it is.it means your son is supper smart in more then on subjects. Average or above average but has some trouble in another. Just show your help by supporting dyslexia. thank you -jade

  2. My husband, my daughter, and now my sons daughter are all dyslexic. Because we have had experience with my husband and daughter being dyslexic we were positive our granddaughter was also. It takes the school system far too long to diagnose what is wrong and to do something about it. Our granddaughter is now in the 4th grade and I feel she is losing precious time. If she were in the right teaching setting she could succeed much more effectively.and feel even better about herself. I believe we need charter type schools for children with just dyslexia. They could be in a central location close to more then one community so the distance to drive wouldn’t be burdensome. These kids are bright and are being lost in the system. Teacher’s in regular public schools do not have the time it takes to devote to these kids nor do they all have the knowledge it takes to help them. They cannot just be pulled out for an hour for reading help and then go back to a classroom where the teacher isn’t reaching them with her style of teaching. I hope that something more can finally be achieved to help these kids but am afraid during these difficult economic times they will again be left by the wayside. Perhaps the government could get rid of some of the waste and instead devote those monies to our kids.

  3. I have had the worst experience in life being dyslexic I started out playing drums at 5 years old on Christmas day rose to fame at 17 in a number one group in Michigan releasing two independent hit song’s in the Midwest lost it all thru bad management had to go back to playing night clubs in Saginaw,MI. EVERY WHERE I went performing with different band’s people always told me i was the best if not the greatest drummer they ever heard but i never won a single award in the local musician awards ceremony but instead people treated me like a monster and altimately. less than human. I feel that people in general have no compassion towards people that are different.

  4. To all dyslexics “Dont give up, keep fighting, succed will come” – Juan Pablo Diaz Guillot (Also dyslexic)

  5. I’m 52 and was diagnosed back in 1981 compliments of the US Navy while I served as a corpsman. I am since a published author with possibly more on the way and just crossed 10 years in the Public School system and working to get my BA in Secondary English Education. It’s tough and maybe tougher than for most…I also have ADD which causes me to make lists that I need to follow…it helps my students when I see me in them.

  6. Hi. My name is linda and I am 52 years old and i think I have dyslexia. I always had trouble in school with math, english, writing course. I loved School but it didn’t agree with me. I always felt as if I had alltimer dease because I couldn’t remember anything, couldn’t writing down my thoughs, and couldn’t bearly read. I though was crazy, mad , retarded. I felt as if I was loosing my mind. I tried to get he lp from doctors but they feel as if ( you lived with it this long , u can live with it until u die) I don’t need it. U may say its a gift but for someone to live with it all their life and never got any help; I disagree with u on that , it is a nightmare. Believe me, people see u as strange, weird and distance because your thinking is not normal so u justity with jokes so u can be normal. I see how people can loose their minds because they dont no what they have or cannot explain to people how they r feeling. Well, good luck to the people who found help, I hope they have a happy life and have people to continue to see their dyslexia as a gift . I don’t want u to see this text as discouraging but go with mind and seek help because your not crazy. Love u all

  7. I’m From Yemen !! vary far from US and I’m a father of a dyslexic boy; he is amazing, a clever and a very gifted in repairing his toys. My son Omar always says i want to by a cars’ Mechanic. I keep supporting him with his mother, at the same time we are facing a big problems with his school to understand his situation, at the sane time i tried to print out some information regarding dyslexic in Arabic for teachers for more understanding; I think they are little bit understood his case.

    Thank you for this website and please visit my page on facebook regarding Dyslexia (facebook.com/Dyslexic Friends in Yemen)

  8. hi I am a 30 year old young lady with dyslexia in college if u guys have some helpful tips or information of grants can u please send it to me thanks!!

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