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Boyzone’s Shane Lynch and His Struggles With Dyslexia

Shane Lynch DyslexicIrish megastar Shane Lynch shot to the top of the charts in the 1990’s with his pop group, Boyzone. Since the group disbanded, Lynch has appeared in television shows, theatrical productions, and motor racing. However, Lynch was secretly struggling during his lucrative career with the learning disorder, dyslexia. He has recently opened up about the disorder in order to help fellow dyslexics seek the resources to better their lives.Shane Lynch’s Early Life
Lynch was born on July 3rd, 1976 in Dublin, Ireland. His father worked as a mechanic and encouraged him to participate in motor sports. Lynch’s four sisters were all talented singers and joined pop groups at a young age. He struggled with reading comprehension and was expelled from high school for cheating. “I knew I had a problem and I never sought help so I’m as much to blame,” he says about his expulsion. “I was very good at hiding it.”

Boyzone’s Rise to the Top
Lynch worked alongside his father in their family garage until 1993, when he successfully auditioned and landed a coveted spot in Boyzone. The five-piece was signed to the label Polygraph in 1994 and released their first album, ‘Said and Done,’ which reached number one on the Irish and United Kingdom music charts. Boyzone continued their winning streak with three consecutive albums of covers and songs written by the band.

Lynch became the outgoing spokesman for the group with his controversial public appearances and tattooed rock star style. With their demanding manager and tension between the band members, Boyzone broke up in 2000. They reunited for two albums and sold out tours in the late 2000’s until the untimely death of member Stephen Gately. A devout Christian since 2003, Lynch coped with the tragedy through faith and determination.

Post-Boyzone: Shane Lynch and Dyslexia
Lynch became heavily involved with motor racing, appeared in reality shows, and released solo songs during Boyzone’s hiatus. He published his autobiography, ‘The Chancer,’ in 2008. Lynch married his second wife in 2007 and became a father shortly after. Reading to his daughter proved to be challenging, and he sought assessment for his disabilities. Lynch was diagnosed with dyslexia and finally opened up to the public in interviews. He appears in the BBC documentary program, ‘My Secret Past,’ with his story and footage of his assessment. Lynch regularly reads to his children with help of a tutor.

Lynch’s secret struggle with dyslexia was a burden on him for 30 years. He hopes that by being open about his disorder, young dyslexics will reach out for help. As an international success, Lynch will educate thousands of viewers and inspire the dyslexic community through words and music.

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  1. I was statemented dyslexic when I was 9, it was always hard at school, I always felt like an odd one out. I have always worked eversince I left school, trying to better myself but always feeling I can’t really tell anyone i am dyslexic as they may judge. Now at 28 I have found myself out of work and I do feel like it may stand in my way of getting another job, because you feel less confident, less positive. But the tricks you have used in the past you hope will help again.

  2. i found out i had dyslexia at the age 17, i went through primary school and two secondary (high) schools not knowing that i had dyslexia. I only found out i have this because in my first year of college a tutor told me to go for a dyslexia test, now im in my third and final year, still finding it difficult because people don’t know what to say to you, so they just chose to not acknowledge that your there or talk to you about it. not only that, but my family dont even know what to say the majority of the time, so therefor i do feel alone, and that i have nobody to talk to, but my younger brother is 15 and is doing exams at school, i fear that he doesnt have dyslexia because i know he will only blame himself like i do.

  3. I watched the program last night about Shane’s dislexia, & it touched me deeply.. I’m a 45 yr old lady that has hid behide my secret of difficulties.. I was always lead to believe from an early age, I was just thick & would never spell like the rest.. It brought about such shame & anger within me.. I recently found the courage to step into college & hopefully share my deep rooted secret, otherwise i had come to terms that I was the only one losing out.. I shared my troubles with my tutor who referred me for assessments which showed dislexia… I know how much my life could of been different regarding my future from leaving school, if only this dark secret wasnt trapped away inside me .. I want to thank Shane for sharing this program with many who feel such simular sadness & frustration down to dislexia .. Thank you

  4. Thank you Shane for doing this programme. I think that as a parent of a 10 year old child with dyslexia that every teacher in the country should watch this programme, to give them an actual understanding of what each child goes through each and every day just to walk into that classroom!!! We live with our child’s frustrations each and very day and at times it is very hard and upsetting that we can’t take away his anger, frustration and feeling of being useless. Thank you again

  5. Gracias a el reportaje de Shane Lynch pude darme cuanta que mi hijo de 8 años tiene dislexia. Este programa realmente me abrio los ojos! Estoy muy agradecida de que Shane se halla atrevido a hacer publico eso que tanto tiempo oculto, pues pude ver a mi hijo reflejado en El. Ahora estamos trabajando en ayudar a mi hijo a corregir lo mas que se pueda la dislexia. Ahora soy mas comprensiva y paciente con mi hijo, pues ahora entiendo lo que esta pasando. Muchas gracias!!

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