Nolan Ryan’s Struggles With Dyslexia

Nolan Ryan and his Struggles With Dyslexia

Nolan RyanLynn Nolan Ryan Jr. an American baseball player was born in 1947 in Texas. He spent his childhood in Alvin, Texas where his entire family moved before he was two months old. In 1954, the seven-year-old Nolan Ryan was bought his first baseball glove at a nearby hardware store. Ryan said that was his favorite childhood memories. Nolan Ryan also said that he enjoyed going with his father to Alvin Hardware where he chose anything for himself. Ryan did not know that was just the beginning of his lifelong affair with baseball. After a short period, Ryan joined a local League team. According to Nolan, playing in the youth league was the highest thing you wish for as a growing kid in a rural area. Going to tryouts and stuff was a monumental event in his life back then. When Ryan was fifteen years old, he dated Ruth Holdorff, who later became his wife.

In high school, Ruth and Ryan were voted by most of their classmates as the most beautiful and most handsome respectively. Both Ruth and Ryan excelled in athletics in school. Ruth became a tennis champion in the state while Ryan played both baseball and basketball. Although Ryan stood out in athletics, he did not excel in academics. As Ryan’s high school career went on, He spent more time playing baseball where he perfected the pitches that made him famous. Ryan also became famous for his reputation of throwing wild balls that hit batters. The status made him famous in the major leagues. Most of his high school opponents became scared of batting against him.

Nolan Ryan’s Dyslexia

When Nolan Ryan became an adult, he found out that he had dyslexia that is a learning disability that prevents a person from reading correctly. In high school, one teacher thought that he was an idiot and wanted to make him fail. Ryan scored a lot of C’s, D’s and F’s. His biggest problem was spelling and a slight lisp that made him shy in the classroom. These problems made him loose confidence in school, therefore, contributed to his poor performance in class.

“When I had dyslexia, they didn’t diagnose it as that. It was frustrating and embarrassing. I could tell you a lot of horror stories about what you feel like on the inside. “Nolan Ryan. Despite all these academic challenges, Ryan managed to graduate from Alvin High school after he helped the school team to get to the regional finals in 1965. It is during that year that he was signed as a minor player in New York Mets team. His first challenge was to play with the Mets’ minor team in Marion, Virginia. His first game was in 1966. He married Ruth in 1967 and eventually had two sons (Reid and Reese0 and one daughter (Wendy). Ryan tried his best to work his way up to the big leagues where he became a pitcher in 1968.

Despite Dyslexia, Ryan found success

In 1971, Nilon was signed to the California Angels where he turned out to be the savior of the team. As he told Hohlfeld, “I went to a team that was in the building stages, and I got to pitch every fourth day. My military obligation was over that year, and I went from pitching 130 innings with the Mets to 300-plus innings each year with the Angels. At that point in my career, that’s all I was looking for.”

Ryan played for California Angels from 1972 to 1979. These are the years that laid a firm foundation for his career. It is during these years that Ryan perfected his pitching skills to blade sharpness. In 1972, he led his Team in strikeouts (329). He continued to develop a reputation for aggression in his mode of playing. Tom Grieve was one of the batters who had a chance of facing Ryan. Tom was at that time a player in the Texas Rangers. Tom Grieve told Hohfeld that Ryan was the only pitcher he faced and felt fear enter into the at-bat. Grieve also said that Ryan was throwing the ball so hard and wildly. “He’d knock you down, and you never knew whether it was on purpose or not,” said Tom.

In 1973, Ryan pitched two of a total seven no-hitters during his entire career. By 1974, Ryan’s ball was rated at 100.9 miles per hour. He also pitched two more no-hitters by 1975. He was signed $4.4 million with the Astros that made him the highest paid athlete in history. He became a no-hit champion in 1981 when after he got his fifth no-hit with the Astros. By 1991, Ryan had completed a record of seven no-hitters. Ryan as an important league baseball player had the longest career as a player. His career lasted for 27 years where he won 324 games. He also achieved seven no-hitters and made 5,714 strikeouts in his career.

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  1. I am 69 and also dyslexic. I was fortunate to have a father who was a physician so when he could not understand why his daughter in spite of all the tutoring in the world could not learn to read took my to a pediatric neurologist who when I was around 10-12 years diagnosed my dyslexia. I graduated with a BSN in nursing and at the age of 50 went back to graduate school, taking one course a semester got my Master of Science in Nursing at 54 graduating with a 3.9 average ( all A’s except one B ). I retired as a patient care director of 40 bed inpatient unit.

    However I still need to prove to all the naysayers that I am not dumb and keep raising the bar. I am struggling to learn Hebrew and read from the Torah for my B’nai Mitzvah in 10 days. Believe every word is a challenge, even reading the transliteration of some of the prayers can be difficult. However it can be done and I will do it to saw my grandchildren to never let anyone stump on your dreams

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