Keira Knightley Struggle With Dyslexia

Pirates of the Caribbean Star Struggled with Dyslexia

Keira Knightley DyslexicIt seems like every celebrity has a fascinating back story about their time before appearing on the silver screen. Pirates of the Caribbean actress Keira Knightley is no exception. The film star was diagnosed with a learning disability called dyslexia when she was just six years old. Though some may see dyslexia as being detrimental for an aspiring actress, Knightley used it as a springboard for her career.

Though nearly one in 10 children may have dyslexia, studies are few and far between. Many children suffer from reading, writing and spelling difficulties, but for those with dyslexia the problems are much more complex. In some cases, children will see jumbles of letters instead of words, which slows down reading comprehension. Spelling and putting together sounds can become a struggle. In some cases, people like Keira even experience poor short-term memory and inability to recall words and names. Fortunately, with proper training over time, people with dyslexia can achieve very good reading comprehension. People with dyslexia are smart and hardworking individuals who simply see words in a different way from most.

Knightley was teased by other students when she was in school, often because of her pursuit of becoming an actress. Instead of giving into criticism, Knightley fed on it to become a stronger person and a better actress. She confronted the film industry head on. She says that she was able to move past the mean comments because of her acting. She became more motivated to read her lines, thus improving her reading comprehension skills. One of the big motivating factors was Emma Thompson’s screenplay for the film Sense and Sensibility. Her parents allowed her to find an agent for acting if she continued reaching her milestones.

Knightley ended up learning to read and write, though she claims that it is not her best skill. She reads scripts and received excellent grades and scores upon finishing school. She was able to act and attend school at the same time, all while struggling with dyslexia. In recent interviews, the starlet has stressed that people with dyslexia are intelligent; they just see things differently.

It would be wise to take Keira Knightley’s advice. She has starred in amazing films, including A Dangerous Method, The Duchess, Bend it Like Beckham and Pride and Prejudice. Of course, she is not the only celebrity to struggle with a learning disability; there are plenty of others you would never even imagine. Many of these stars have never viewed their disabilities as road blocks. Instead, they have used their minds to find new ways to meet their goals. This just goes to show that there is no reason a person with dyslexia cannot become a star or anything else in life.

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  1. For Anyone who reads this: My name is Ryan David Williams i am 19 years old and have know of my dyslexsia since i was 6 it has shaped my life and made me what i am today, i have been bullied both physically and mentally, i use to skip school adn classes but like many dyslexsics i found my vent my let out on life, I am a actor i have worked in Tv/Film i have been in many theatre shows Acting is my life and its thanks to the Gift of dyslexia that I do it, When I was bullied for being dyslexic i felt trapped like i had no voice to say what i feel or show what i feel, but i found acting i could be a different person but show my own emotions, because i am bad a writing and spelling and grammer my speach and the way i talk is my get out and even more so on stage, i fought hard through school exams i have very little GCSES And BETC in performing arts, but im at uni studying theatre and all this has come from my drive to prove i am better then the bullies and the people that looked down on me. so im writing this to day Find what your good at fight for it work hard at it chase every ambition and follow your dream where ever it may take you, let know one stop you and you will be what you want to be. Dyslexsia is not a Problem or a set back its a strength its WHO YOU ARE!! Live it love it and Be the best Damn Dyslexsic you can be.

  2. That is so refreshing to hear all this, for many years I have had dyslexia since I was 7, then I moved to as special school, which I loved, and was happy there I was good at Art and sports, but there was no push for us kids with dyslexia,but over the years I have gained qualification in subjects from English to maths, and got a distinction in garden design diploma ,but always wanted to do a degree in creative writing which I an enrolled to do a B.A honors in creative writing,now I’m turning 50 I just feel great a cannot wait to move to the next chapter in my hearing wot Ryan wrote is an inspiration to us all these people from actress Kieran Knightley to other well-known people in the limelight of life, it all so refreshing.

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