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About Us: The Power of Dyslexia

With so many common misconceptions floating around about dyslexia, it’s important for people to understand what dyslexia really is, how to recognize it, and what it can mean for a person’s life. At The Power of Dyslexia, we are dedicated to focusing not just on the negative qualities that dyslexia can include — but also on the positive effects it can have on a person’s life. Though many children are not treated properly for dyslexia in schools, there are still all kinds of dyslexic individuals who have gone on to have successful careers in all fields ranging from business to the arts. The Power of Dyslexia will provide resources for dyslexic kids, dyslexic adults, and parents of children with dyslexia.

For a child with dyslexia, it’s important to recognize the symptoms as early as possible in order to help the child learn how to manage their learning and behaviors. We provide a great list of resources and tips to help parents and educators recognize if a child is showing symptoms of dyslexia. We also offer learning tricks for dyslexic children and suggest alternative ways that a child can go about their education. When children are aware of dyslexia and what it can encompass, they are better able to find ways to go about everyday life. Additionally, when children know they have dyslexia, they can recognize when an event or problem is a result of the dyslexia and out of their own control. This contributes to greater self-esteem and senses of self-worth.

We also provide resources for adults with dyslexia. Many adults were never diagnosed with dyslexia when they were children because of poor awareness regarding the issue. As such, there are many dyslexic individuals who have attributed their difficulties in reading or giving directions as a result of some other type of learning problem. There are different types of symptoms of dyslexia for adults, so we hope to provide a better look at how an adult can go about recognizing dyslexia today and subsequently learning how to look at his or her life through this lens.

Finally, The Power of Dyslexia will work hard to inform parents of dyslexic children about the condition and help them to learn how to nurture their children through it. Early recognition of dyslexia in a child is important, as it can help the child to adjust better with learning styles that are conducive to dyslexic individuals. We offer ways for parents to recognize if their own child might have dyslexia, as well as the best ways to empower and teach the child to learn despite the condition. Additionally, we focus on ways that parents can minimize stress and difficulties for their dyslexic children.

With the right knowledge and dedication to helping individuals with dyslexia, we could truly help people to lead richer, better lives. The Power of Dyslexia seeks to help children with dyslexia, adults with dyslexia, and parents of dyslexic children in order to create a more aware and sensitive culture for all.